Stabilisation of Shallow Mineworkings and Mine Entries

stabilise-1The company has been involved in the stabilisation of shallow mineworkings & mine entries for over 25 years. Utilising a modern fleet of drill rigs we operate throughout the UK from our base in the West Midlands. We undertake the stabilisation of mineworkings for both residential and commercial/industrial developments. We have extensive experience of stabilising various former mines including Coal, Chalk, Salt, Limestone & Ironstone. We have invested heavily in new ancillary plant including 3 horizontal silos.stabilise-2

Some examples of recent projects:

  • Bilston: Stabilisation of shallow Staffordshire Thick Coal workings & mineshafts for major mixed use development. Value £1 Million
  • Prescot: Stabilisation of shallow Coal mineworkings for residential development. Value £750,000
  • Longton: Stabilisation of shallow Coal mineworkings & mineshafts for large supermarket. Value £350,000
  • Hatfield: Stabilisation of shallow Chalk workings for residential development. Value £50,000

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