Case Studies: Bulk Infill of Mineworkings and Other Voids

Drilling for site investigation at NorthwichNorthwich Salt Mine

Project: Stabilisation of 4 abandoned Salt Mines located in Northwich Town Centre

Description: As part of a £32 million scheme to stabilise 4 redundant Salt Mines we provided drilling & technical services. The scheme is the largest mine infill project in the UK undertaken to date. Boreholes were drilled to depths of up to 95 metres utilising a re-circulated brine flush.

The project was based in a busy town centre requiring minimal disruption to traffic and pedestrians. Working in partnership with Wrekin Construction over 800,000 m3 of pfa/cement based grout was injected into the mine.

Pentland Retail Park, Edinburgh

pentlandProject: Stabilisation of former Limestone Mine located beneath a working Retail Park.

Description: The Retail Park was to be expanded. A former limestone mine was known to exist beneath the park and parts of it had been stabilised previously. Minimising disruption to the retail park was our prime concern. We utilised a variety of different methods including directional drilling in order to achieve this.

The project required 2 sections of the mine to be isolated in order to minimise material costs. To this end a gravel barrier was installed around each section utilising over 8000 Tonnes of pea gravel. Over 25,000 Tonnes of grout were injected into the mine.

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