The company owns almost all of the plant and equipment that is used on a day to day basis, including all of the drilling rigs. Plant and vehicles are maintained by our own team of well experienced and qualified plant fitters.

Just some of our equipment

  • 16 No. Klemm 802-2 Drilling Rigs
  • 2 No. Klemm 701-1 Drilling Rig
  • 1 No. Klemm 806 Drilling Rig
  • 1 No. Casagrande C6 Drilling Rig
  • 1 No. Klemm Mini Rig
  • 1 No. TEI MP 250 Drilling Mast
  • 1 No. TEI HEM 550 Drilling Mast
  • 2 No. Marini Drilling Mast
  • 3 No. Sami 40 tonne capacity Horizontal Silo

Ancillary plant including a wide range of grouting equipment, mixing tanks, pumps, compressors, rough terrain forklifts, tractor loading shovels, bunded fuel bowsers, water tanks, tractors and vacuum tanks etc. The plant resources enable the company to meet the high standards of current specifications within tight time scales, which are invariably required in the Construction Industry.