Bulk Infill of Mineworkings and Other Voids

Sonic drilling for mineworks stabilisationThe company has been involved in the stabilisation of mineworkings and voids by bulk infilling for over 25 years. Utilising both our fleet of modern drill rigs and computer controlled grout batching plants we have stabilised numerous mines throughout the UK including Coal, Chalk, Salt, Limestone & Ironstone. This has included work on both large open sites through to residential housing estates and working retail parks.

Gravel barrier installation

We have stabilised both full and individual sections of mines as the particular developments allow. Gravel barriers can be formed within the mine in open voided ground in order to contain the grout infill material within the specific area required. This ensures that cost is minimised.

We also offer bulk grouting for tunnels, sewers and other man made voids that require decommissioning. We have undertaken grouting operations on a range of structures from small diameter sewer/drainage runs up to large diameter former rail tunnels.

Some examples of recent projects:

  • Northwich, Cheshire: Infill of 3 abandoned Salt Mines. Injection of over 1 million tonnes of grout. (Working in partnership with Wrekin Construction). Value £4.5 Million. Project Value £30 Million.
  • Pentland, Edinburgh (Phase 2): Infill of former Limestone Mine beneath working retail park. Value £1.5 Million
  • Pentland, Edinburgh (Phase 1): Infill of former Limestone Mine on working retail park. (Working in partnership with Wrekin Construction). Value £500,000
  • Oxfordshire: Infill of Chalk Mine beneath existing housing estate. Value £350,000

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