Sonic Drilling

Sonic drilling on deep sand and gravel depositsThe company was the first UK Drilling Contractor to utilise sonic drilling technology. The Sonic Drill Rig gives Engineers the option of taking samples in complex ground conditions which would otherwise be difficult or prohibitively expensive. The Sonic SDC 550 drill rig is track mounted enabling it to access most sites.


The sonic drill rig allows us to take continuous core samples through superficial materials without the use of any flushing medium. This makes the rig ideal for both contaminated sites and for sites with sensitive soils. The sonic drill method allows us to drill large diameter cased boreholes (220mm diameter) though sands & gravels extremely quickly.

Sonic core sampling on contaminated siteOur Sonic Drill Rig has been involved in a variety of differing projects around the UK. Some examples of recent projects:

  • London: Continuous dry core sampling through superficial deposits (Lambeth Group) to identify sand and gravel lenses on intended tunnel/sewer route. (Thames Water)
  • Swansea, Wales: Continuous dry core sampling through colliery spoil to allow a coal recovery assessment to be undertaken. (Wardell Armstrong)
  • Montrose, Scotland: Installation of steam wells for removal of volatile organics from fill material. (Churngold Remediation Ltd)
  • Manchester: Continuous dry core sampling through superficial material & former gas tanks to allow for contamination testing. Installation of wells for vapour extraction remediation. (Celtic Technologies Ltd)

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