Case Studies: Sonic Drilling

Sonic drilling at MontroseMontrose, Scotland

Project: Continuous core sampling and large diameter well installations at operational chemical plant.

Description: A remediation scheme had been designed requiring the installation of a series of deep steam wells to remove volatile organics from the surrounding ground. Each borehole was cored from the surface in order to allow discrete sampling for chemical analysis. Once the borehole was complete a series of 50mm diameter steel pipes were installed. A total of 51 boreholes to an average depth of 18m were drilled.

Thames Tideway Tunnel, London

Sonic drill rigProject: Continuous core sampling to identify sand & gravel lenses in London Clay for large diameter sewer.

Description: Sonic drilling was identified as an alternative to wire line core drilling in order to quickly identify zones for further investigation. The project involved drilling a series of boreholes at several locations in the London area. Each borehole was core sampled from surface to a depth of 60m. Each borehole was completed in less than one day.

The sonic drill rig allowed the main site investigation contractor to quickly identify zones for further investigation by wire line sampling thereby reducing the cost of wire line drilling.

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